310S Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip or Banding

310S Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip or Banding
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QIYI offers 310S stainless steel strips with superior quality to meet the growing customer demands in different industries. The 310/310S stainless steel strips are forged at 975-1175°C. Heavy work is performed at 1050°C, and a light finish is applied at the bottom of the temperature range. After forging and annealing, it is recommended to relieve all stresses from the forging process. The alloys can be readily cold-formed by standard methods and equipment.

Grade 310/310S stainless steel strips are similar in machinability to type 304. Work hardening can be problematic, and it is normal to remove the work-hardened layer using slow speeds and heavy cuts with sharp tools and good lubrication. Powerful machines and heavy, rigid tools are used. The 310/310S stainless steel strips are welded with matching electrodes and filler metals. These strips are solution-annealed by heating to 1040-1065°C, holding at this temperature until thoroughly soaked, and then quenching with water. Grade 310/310S stainless steel strips have good resistance to oxidation in intermittent service in air up to 1035°C and in continuous service at 1050°C. The grades are resistant to oxidation, sulfidation and carburization.

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