Top Quality 304 Stainless Steel Coil Price

Top Quality 304 Stainless Steel Coil Price
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Qiyi METAL is a major stainless steel supplier in China with the ability to supply 304 stainless-steel coils, sheets, and plates in large and small quantities. Our company provides the same level of service and attention to detail for all of our customers requiring stainless steel coils. The 304 stainless steel coils/sheets/plates meet stringent ASTM standards.

The 304 stainless steel coils have good welding characteristics, and post-weld annealing is not normally required to restore performance. These coils have excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of different circumstance and possess heat and corrosion resistant properties superior to types 301 and 302. The strength, work-hardening and drawing qualities of 304 stainless steel are slightly inferior to type 302. Type 304 stainless steel coils are not heat-treatable for hardening purposes. They are non-magnetic when annealed but are slightly magnetic following cold working. This steel can be solution-annealed by cooling rapidly in air or water from approximately 1850° to 2050° F.

Ningbo Qiyi Precision Metals Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 304 stainless steel coil manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productive factory. Welcome to wholesale low price 304 stainless steel coils from us.

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Welcome to wholesale the quality top quality 304 stainless steel coil price with reasonable price from us. We are professional as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various stainless steel products in China. We can assure you the high quality and good performance of our products.