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What Is The Cause Of Blister In Argon Arc Welding Stainless Steel Plate

Dec 31, 2019

What is the cause of blister in argon arc welding stainless steel plate            

When two stainless steel plates are welded with argon arc welding by new production workers, the first burning is normal, because there are some small holes, so the second welding is carried out, but there are bubbles, so we can't figure out the reason. He consulted the next experienced master and said: some small bubbles were generated during the first welding, so repair welding was carried out, but the bubbles were larger and could not be welded well. The thickness of stainless steel was 0.6mm, and the material was 201. Experienced masters give the following reasons.            

Answer: there may be the following reasons:            

  1. Weld cleaning is not clean. Oil, water, etc.          

  2. The shielding gas is impure.           

  3. The wire ends are exposed to air.           

Repair method: Turn the air hole to the polishing machine;Clean the surface to be welded. (clean with acetone if necessary);Use 99.99% argon;During welding, the welding wire end should always be under the protection of inert gas.