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Trade Wars Heat Up Again European Anti-dumping Investigation On Chinese Steel Imports

Jan 09, 2017

China's Ministry of Commerce: European steel dilemma attributed the lack of basis

According to the European Commission on corrosion-resistant steel products originating from China launched anti-dumping investigations, the Ministry of Commerce Friday responded by saying, this year EU anti-dumping investigation on Chinese steel products in a row and take the restrictions of China to the European Union in the field of iron and steel protectionism expressed concerns and worries.

Department of commerce trade remedy investigations Wang Hejun, the Secretary pointed out that European steel dilemma is rooted in economic growth and difficulties attributable to excess capacity in China is without basis and lack objectivity.

Want the EU to rational analysis, objective look at the current issues facing the steel industry, trade protection, should not be taken to limit mistakes practices such as fair competition in the market, trade protection measures cannot fundamentally solve the EU's iron and steel industry development. Only active in the internal restructuring and reforms, external comprehensive international cooperation to promote global economic growth is the right solution.

In addition, some WTO members to use in anti-dumping investigations against China "surrogate country" approach, today the Ministry of Commerce expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition and a series of China's position and requested WTO member on December 11 after termination in anti-dumping investigations against China using "surrogate country" approach.