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The Wide Application Of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe

Dec 11, 2017

304 stainless steel tube stainless steel in general, able to withstand the high temperature of 800 degrees, processing performance and good toughness, so it can be used for manufacturing stainless steel pipe, and the most important is the 304 stainless steel pipe in the Ni element content of not less than 8% and the content of Cr is not less than 18%, this is the biggest difference between the 304 stainless steel tube the other with stainless steel tube. Because its 304 stainless steel pipe itself has strong corrosion resistance and good toughness, it has been applied in building curtain walls, sidewalls, roofs and other buildings, and is also applied in industrial and urban rural sewage facilities.

How can 304 stainless steel pipe be stored?

304 stainless steel tube and carbon steel tube is not piled together, because the carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe materials are not the same, in the humid environment, if piled together in a very simple chemical reaction of carbon steel and stainless steel tube, and damage to the protective layer of stainless steel tube, stainless steel tube due to rust. When different steels are stacked together, the potential difference will occur if they are contacted, and then cause electrochemical corrosion. Especially when there is water accumulation, the electrochemical corrosion rate between stainless steel tube and carbon steel pipe will accelerate.