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People's Daily: Coal To Steel Production Schedule Is Not Ideal

Jan 09, 2017

Daily report said it was noted that strict law enforcement, resolutely investigate and deal with the various forms of violation of. Make full use of self-examination, sector, media investigations and other forms of verification, further eliminate backward production capacity, cleanup of illegal construction projects, and joint law enforcement "three projects" action. Meanwhile, implementation of the monthly report notification system, according to time, serious escalation in a timely manner. Meeting requests, all localities should strictly control new capacity, shall not in any record in any way in the name of new capacity steel projects, all steel projects must carry out the replacement capacity indicators, and announced to the public. Within three years to stop approving new coal mine projects, technological renovation projects in new capacity and nuclear capacity increasing projects, resolutely prevent production increased reduction. To supervise the related coal mines in various regions and enterprises to build coal mine, of mine take incomplete pothook signed agreements, to continue to pay special attention to the implementation of measures to reduce coal production.

Zhu Baoliang, Chief Economist of the Department of State information center, forecast the 21st century economic report said that first half of the year, supply side structural reform met with some resistance, reform progress has been unsatisfactory. Effectiveness is not significant for a number of reasons, such as interest group theory of resistance, some debate on the issue, and so on, but the main reform is too slow, even for short term, supply side structural reform put downward pressure on the economy is not so big. Therefore, the reform should be strengthened in the future.