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Meet These Three Requirements Are High Quality Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Jan 10, 2017

Surface treatment of stainless steel wire rope there are polished, twisting through surface treatment products formed on the surface of a dense protective film, anticorrosive and antirust effect, more beautiful and durable stainless steel wire rope. Tight passive film is also measuring the quality of stainless steel wire rope standards, good quality stainless steel wire rope, each wire must be smooth and sleek, moderate and even bright, no signs of bubbles, rust and oxidation.

Good quality stainless steel wire rope the performance better, reflected in high strength, corrosion resistance, easy deformation, fracture, superior mechanical properties, mechanical properties, its service life is longer, usually the price is slightly higher.

China's stainless steel wire rope has very strict standards and performance parameters of high quality stainless steel wire rope products not only meet national quality standards and, in General, slightly higher than the requirements of the national quality standard, choice of quality products can greatly enhance the safety of production.