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Market Situation And Component Reference Of 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Plate

Apr 25, 2019

According to the relevant data trends in the industry, 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Plate in the supply side, with the gradual recovery of furnace start-up rate and production capacity maintained at a high level. The output of 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Plate is expected to remain at an absolute high level in the future. Inventory is affected by Post-Savings resumption and released one after another. However, short-term supply will be distorted by the disturbance of TRADERS'hoarding factors. In terms of demand, against the background of weakening land purchase, sales and construction of real estate, the inflection point of demand for316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Platet will gradually come.


Conventional 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Plate composition and performance parameters:

C < 0.03, Si < 1.00, Mn < 2.00, P < 0.035, S < 0.03, Ni: 12.0-15.0, Cr: 16.0-18.0, Mo: 2.0-3.0. 

Mechanical properties of 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Or Plate:

Tensile strength_b (MPa): > 480


Elongation rate (%): > 40

Section shrinkage(%): > 60 

Hardness: <187HB;<90HRB;<200HV

Hardness < 187HB < 90HRB < 200HV

Density: 7.98g/cm3;

Specific heat capacity ratio (20 C): 0.502J/(g*K)