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How To Do 430 Stainless Steel Surface Protection

Mar 06, 2018

430 The surface of the Stainless Steel Sheet contains deposits of dust or heterogeneous metal particles containing other metallic elements. When the air environment is humid, the condensate in the air and the stainless steel 430 attach the two into a micro cell After that it will trigger electrochemical reactions, damage to the protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

430 Stainless Steel Sheet surface adhesion of organic juice (such as vegetables, noodles soup, sputum, etc.), in the case of water and oxygen will form organic acids, over time, organic acid will 430 stainless steel plate surface corrosion.

430 Stainless Steel Sheet surface adhesion contains acid, alkali, salt substances (such as renovation of the wall when the alkali water and lime splashing), will cause localized corrosion.

430 Stainless Steel Sheet in the contaminated air (such as a large amount of sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere), the case of condensate, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid point, causing chemical corrosion.

The above four conditions may cause damage to the 430 stainless steel surface protective film to cause corrosion.

430 Stainless Steel Sheet rust

To ensure that the surface of 430 Stainless Steel Sheet bright and clean, not easy to rust, Xiaobian advice:

430 Stainless Steel Sheet surface cleaning scrub, remove attachments, eliminate the rust caused by the external factors.

Choose a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse to place the 430 Stainless Steel Sheet