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Effect Of Lubrication For Stainless Steel Wire Rope For Mine Life

Jan 10, 2017

When stainless steel wire rope around the drum and sheave (guiding wheels), due to the multiple reverse bending, bending stress in the direction of change, alternating stress under mutual friction and wear between wire and wire, will reduce the life of steel wire rope. Therefore, external and internal stainless steel wire rope has enough grease to reduce wear, improve its service life has a very important role.

Practice shows that the following good system lubrication of the stainless steel wire rope, to make it two or three times longer service life. And the provision of mine safety regulations order No. 411: on the use of the wire rope should be based on well conditions and corrosion, oil 1 on at least monthly. Friction-wheel lifting device of hoist rope, only came up special coating, wire rope oil (increased wear grease) but does not bypass the friction wheel part of the steel wire rope must be preservation. Thus, the importance of using grease lubrication.