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Decide Four Important Factor In International Competitiveness Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Jan 10, 2017

(1) the product price and the cost price is stainless steel wire rope products are the most direct factor of international competitiveness, cost is the basis for pricing, cost and factor prices (including labor, raw material prices and energy prices) impact factors, from this point, the talent is an important factor affecting the competitiveness of products.

(2) under the same product quality in product prices, higher quality products with high market competitiveness, China stainless steel wire rope the quality level of the products with similar foreign products, there is a large gap.

(3) are important factors in determining international competitiveness of stainless steel wire rope products, advanced production technologies can improve production efficiency, can greatly reduce the cost and price of the product. In addition, the technology on product quality, product structure and the development of new products have a decisive impact. Research and development is the Foundation of technological progress is to improve the international competitiveness of their products and a source of power.

(4) stainless steel wire rope manufacturing enterprise's management level on stainless steel products ' international competitiveness constraints has broad impact, good management can improve efficiency, reduce costs, achieve technological progress, promote the development of new products, improve product marketing to expand market share.