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Development Direction And Prospects Of Stainless Steel Angle Steel In The Next Ten Years

May 03, 2018

Although the growth of the macro economy slowed to 6.5% during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and now there is a relative surplus of production capacity, the stainless steel angle steel industry faces severe challenges and tests. However, it is necessary for China’s urbanization and modernization construction to fully implement the stainless steel angle steel industry. With painstaking determination to make military orders such as mountains and avoid swinging left and right, it is not possible to focus on shrinking production capacity while focusing on the entire profession.

The so-called "equipment with the most advanced skills" may only be the new project's eulogy. “It is precisely because of the severe high-level repetitive construction that has occurred due to various reasons for many years that further aggravated the excess capacity of stainless steel angle irons. It is necessary to take them as a warning.” In 2015, the entire stainless steel angle steel industry was caught in the “winter season”, and Shagang Steel automatically responded to the severe test. , production and operation contrarian fly.


Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, a large number of private stainless steel angle steel companies have emerged. They have been successful and unsuccessful. “Success” is relative, and it is in constant transformation. Today’s success does not mean that it will be a permanent success in the future. Some centuries-old plants in the world may eventually decline or fail. This clarifies that even the best companies will encounter the impact of uncertain internal and external factors, and all kinds of changes may occur. To see how the company's family can master the direction and prepare for the future, we will pass on the successful experience of the company from generation to generation. Market economy is a competitive economy. Nowadays, overcapacity is not only in stainless steel angle steel, cement, coal, chemical industry, textiles, new energy, and IT, but also in excess. Overcapacity is not our country’s exclusive “patent.” Of course, relevant government departments must further discuss and publish supporting policies. , for China's stainless steel angle steel products to expand exports positive guidance, to provide new export momentum and ensure international economic and trade. In the next 5 to 10 years, we will adhere to the idea of innovation and earnestly work hard. We will focus on making the stainless steel angle steel industry a masterpiece.