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Will the stainless steel mesh belt use thermal expansion and contraction?

Dec 14, 2018

Stainless steel conveyor belts, like ordinary metals, also have thermal expansion and contraction. Because of the working environment, the stainless steel conveyor belt will generate heat due to friction during the operation. When the friction is more than 400 °C, the expansion between the whole machine will cause intermittent reduction, and the stainless steel conveyor belt will also change accordingly.

The reason for the uneven force of the stainless steel mesh belt;

1. It is possible that the installation tension of the tensioning device of the mesh belt causes the tension on both sides of the conveyor belt to be inconsistent;

2. The joint part of the stainless steel conveyor belt conveyor is not smooth, and the looseness of the mesh belt of the stainless steel conveyor belt belt will also lead to deviation;

3. In the work of stainless steel conveyor belt conveyor, the uneven distribution of materials, the friction between the drum and the chain plate are different, and even the material sticks to the drum, which will cause uneven force.

4. The belt conveyor conveyor roller will also cause the deviation of the belt conveyor, resulting in uneven force.