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Why Su analysis development of stainless steel wire rope in China so difficult

Jan 10, 2017

First, the impact of the economic crisis in Europe. European financial crisis erupted a few years ago the stainless steel wire industry in China market, which sapped. Although industry groups under the macro-regulation and self-regulation of the market have eased, but has been stuck in the "quality does not go on, the cost goes down" dilemma.

Second, industry development disorder. Stainless steel wire rope structure of competition in the industry, production and sales of stainless steel wire rope manufacturers relative dispersion, concentration of low barrier to entry and exit, the product quality gap is smaller, the entire state of competition in the industry is fragmented competition structure.

Third, advanced extrusion. With foreign-funded enterprises in China, stainless steel wire rope has been further intensified market competition. Most of China's stainless steel wire rope company in new technologies, new technology and advanced foreign companies still have some gaps, resulting in disadvantage in the market competition.

Four, the impact of government regulation. Environmental protection and energy saving are the Government's focus in recent years. Power rationing, energy conservation news flooded the market for stainless steel wire rope, in the production of stainless steel wire rope enterprises at the same time, market prices are falling, making stainless steel wire rope business dilemmas.