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Why is the weight of stainless steel pipes of the same specification different?

Feb 03, 2021
In the process of making stainless steel pipes, stainless steel pickling and purification is first required, the workpiece is heated to a predetermined temperature, and then slowly cooled after holding it for a certain period of time, and then the steel strip is divided and the stainless steel plate is rolled, cut to the corresponding width, and then weld to make stainless steel pipes. When welding to make stainless steel pipes, it is necessary to Polish, shape, cut, correct, repair, pickling, inspect, and finally package, so that a stainless steel pipe is completed. In the production process, there will be a certain error. Although the errors are very small and almost negligible, but so many links add up, it becomes a concern of customers.

For example, when sling, there is a certain error in the width of the strip, which will affect the deviation of the weight of the stainless steel tube made, such as when calendering, calendering is the link to control the thickness of the pipe. The editor believes that this link is the most important factor affecting the weight of the pipe, but this is also difficult to be accurate, and there will be a little error, it is inevitable that there is a little error in the stainless steel pipe made by so many links, so what we need to do is to reduce the value of this error.