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What problems should be paid attention to when using stainless steel tableware?

Dec 14, 2020

1. For convenience, some people will use stainless steel thermos cups to hold carbonated drinks. This is inappropriate. Because the acidic substances contained in carbonated drinks will react with stainless steel. It will release some substances that are bad for our health. Regular use of stainless steel thermos cups for carbonated drinks is not good for our health. Stainless steel thermos cup for carbonated drinks will also Rust stainless steel thermos cup. It directly affects the service life of the thermos cup.

2. Do not store the salt, oil and vinegar frequently used in the kitchen with stainless steel tableware for a long time. Because these condiments easily react with the metal elements of stainless steel, dissolving some substances that pollute food. Except for stainless steel tableware marked with condiments.

3. In the process of using stainless steel tableware, be careful not to burn stainless steel tableware empty. Do not put stainless steel tableware into the microwave oven to heat, because these two methods will shorten the service life of stainless steel tableware.

4. Cleaning stainless steel tableware is also Exquisite. Do not use soda or edible alkali noodles for cleaning. Because the basicity of these two things is relatively stronger. It is easy to corrode stainless steel tableware. We just need to use the general detergent to clean it.