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What obstacles need to be broken in the development of domestic stainless steel wire rope enterprises?

Jan 02, 2019

    At present, the development status of China's stainless steel wire rope enterprises is not optimistic. In addition to the impact of the big environmental situation, it is also related to the company's own management mode, technical level and talent introduction.

    1. Lack of innovation and determination and courage

    With the intensification of competition in the industry and the diversified development of consumer demand, stainless steel wire rope enterprises are required to respond positively to market changes. The faster the enterprise should be, the higher the chance of survival and the stronger the competitiveness; otherwise, it will be marketed. Eliminated. Any form of blind arrogance, self-defeating will inevitably lead to its own weakness. At present, due to the severe economic situation, domestic stainless steel wire rope enterprises lack the determination to make aggressive progress and the courage to break through difficulties.

    2, equipment update lag, technical standards are generally biased

    The long-term development of an enterprise is inseparable from advanced technology and cannot be separated from certain production equipment. Due to the lack of sufficient funds for domestic stainless steel wire rope enterprises to develop production technology, improve and update production equipment, most of the production equipment in the workshop has been aging, unable to keep up with the new mechanized production pace, coupled with the lack of necessary maintenance and repair of equipment. Moreover, the production efficiency is low, and it is impossible to compete with large-scale enterprises with advanced equipment and high technical standards, thus falling into the dilemma of development lag.

    3. Lack of management and lack of key technical talents

    Most of China's stainless steel wire rope enterprises are family management models. With the development of enterprises, this management mode has seriously restricted the further development of enterprises. In addition, the management personnel of the enterprise are usually the relatives or children of the business owners. Many people who do not understand the enterprise management go to the leadership positions, resulting in a serious shortage of key technical talents, thus reducing the management level of stainless steel wire rope enterprises.