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What kind of stainless steel wire rope is suitable for lifting clothes hanger

Sep 03, 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, the lifting drying racks gradually enter people's lives and provide convenience for people to wash clothes. The lifting type drying rack can achieve the lifting effect without the stainless steel wire rope. So what kind of stainless steel wire rope is most suitable for installation on the lifting rack?

1, the weight of the clothes on the clothes rail is often for a long time, sometimes the weight of the winter clothes is very heavy, so the wire rope of the drying rack must be able to withstand a certain pulling force to ensure continuous stock.

2, the wire rope in the drying rack may be exposed to high temperature, wind and rain in the balcony for a long time, easy to corrode, and easy to break and rust stains are not conducive to the family environment. Therefore, the wire rope of the drying rack must be required to withstand a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

3, the wire rope in the drying rack is frequent during the lifting process. Therefore the stainless steel wire rope should not be too hard.

4, normal clothesline wire rope is generally used 1.2-1.8mm stainless steel wire rope, structure 7 * 7.

When the lifting drying racks were first introduced, many manufacturers would use galvanized iron wire or 201 stainless steel wire rope, but because the corrosion resistance is not high, most of them will affect the service life of the drying rack, so after optimization, the lifting drying racks are generally With 304 stainless steel wire rope, you can pay attention when you purchase.