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What is the white powder on the surface of the precision stainless steel belt?

Jun 03, 2019

Due to improper use or environmental problems, white powdered zinc oxide appears on the surface of precision stainless steel strip products, commonly known as white rust. There are many reasons for this problem. If the galvanized steel body itself has been severely corroded, the galvanized layer is easily rusted because oxygenates may remain in the steel body. According to the process flow of the precision stainless steel belt, if the plating layer is too thin, the rust prevention effect is not obtained; when the steel body is washed for a long time, the steel body is corroded or the acid is not cleaned after pickling. Causes the coating to rust. In addition, there are many kinds of such things as precision stainless steel belts, carelessness, incomplete passivation, etc., which can also cause rusting of galvanized bodies.