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What is the high temperature limit of 304 stainless steel belt?

May 23, 2019

Under normal temperature environment, the 304 stainless steel belt is generally resistant to high temperatures of 750-860 °C. However, in fact, it is not as high as 860 ° C? There is a critical point at 450 °? 304 stainless steel strip is generally not easy to maintain at 450-860 degrees, because when it is above 450 ° C, it will dilute the chromium around the carbon, forming Carbonization, resulting in a chromium-depleted zone, which changes the properties of the stainless steel, the metallurgical structure of the stainless steel is destroyed, and the temperature of 450 ° C plus the yield force will transform the austenite to martensite.
Frequently used in the environment above 450 °C, the performance and structure of the 304 stainless steel belt changes, it will damage the original advantages and characteristics of the 304 stainless steel belt, so the 304 stainless steel belt is not suitable for high temperature environment.