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What industry and application is the 301 stainless steel belt generally used for?

May 05, 2019

Most of the 301 stainless steel strips are used in spring steel, knives, stamping, magazines, springs, and high-elastic products. According to the application, there are roughly communication/computer parts, home appliance parts, mechanical parts, auto parts, stationery, high tensile strength products (spring, spring).
1, communication / computer parts
Communication components, generally used on mobile phones, including mobile phone parts, such as mobile phone shields, mobile phone middle plates, etc., computer components including electronic connectors, such as USB, TYPE-C and other interfaces.
2, home appliances parts
Home appliance parts are more common, such as button battery, camera frame card door, washing machine refrigerator back plate shrapnel, printer scraper knife and so on.
3. Mechanical parts
Mechanical parts generally include applications such as loom healds, stainless steel conveyor belts, and die steel strips.
4, auto parts
Automotive components include clutch components, piston ring expansion rings, fuel filter end caps, seat belt springs, cylinder head gaskets, and oil gauges.
5, stationery
The stationery industry includes folder springs, pen holders, and various stationery springs.
6, spring, clockwork
The hardness of 301 stainless steel belt can make the spring and spring have the characteristics of high elasticity and quick rebound. It is especially suitable for spring and spring products.