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What are the matters needing attention when choosing stainless steel plate?

Aug 20, 2020

1. Before choosing stainless steel plate, the main purpose of stainless steel plate and its natural environment should be fully considered.

2. When choosing seamless steel pipes, be sure to make sure that the materials meet the standards.

3. Check whether the color tone of the outer surface layer and the inner cavity of the tube is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform or not smooth.

4. When purchasing, choose excellent products that have been appraised by the Quality Supervision Bureau. Long-term application evidence and good user reviews among customers are an immediate and reasonable purchase method.

5. There are often internal heavy skins, black spots, and cold-rolled blue lines in cold-rolled pipes. Under normal circumstances, this cannot be prevented and does not harm the application. However, you must choose to avoid as much as possible when buying, which is very inspection Inner surface layer.

6. Be sure to choose big brand stainless steel plates.