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Very thin stainless steel strip

Feb 27, 2020

SUS304 stainless steel strip is a widely used raw material for manufacturing electronic products in the world. It has stable performance, good corrosion resistance, and affordable price, so it is very popular with our customers. However, due to the trend of increasingly thinner and thinner digital products in the current electronic product market, thicker stainless steel strip will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, and it will be replaced by thinner, lighter, and better-looking stainless steel strips. .

In response to the characteristics of these products and customer needs, the Precision Strip Manufacturing Department worked together to overcome the key technical problems such as inward folding and cramping during the grinding and rolling of these products, and explored the production process. The new technology and new parameters have superimposed the foundation for the accumulation of production data for subsequent products. The success of the production of the product has greatly encouraged the morale of employees, and persisted in the determination of employees to overcome difficulties, which is of great significance for expanding market share.