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Stainless steel wire rope used in the elevators which problems can affect life expectancy

Jan 10, 2017

1, Elevator sheave material

Witness the elevator sheave material if even higher strength than stainless steel wire rope, it will cause mechanical wear to wire rope; another is the Groove Groove, good Groove can coincide with the notch wire rope the wire has a smaller external and internal pressure, reduced service life due to wear.

2, low coefficient of steel wire for rope bends

Elevator in the process, after numerous bending of stainless steel wire rope, so its bending coefficient of steel wire for rope must be high and low bending value caused fatigue damage of wire rope, direct impact on wire rope's service life. Therefore, lift General selection of 45#-60# stainless steel wire ropes steel wire for rope, strength remained at 1500MPa, or 1370/1770MPa.

3, the availability of inappropriate dynamic tensile

During dynamic tensile stainless steel wire rope is also big, if the carrying capacity of cable units are not consistent, it will cause a broken strand in advance. Condition of wire rope manufacturer, products manufactured prior to be pre-tensioned.