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Stainless steel wire rope sorted according to use

Sep 17, 2018

   Stainless steel wire ropes have different uses in various occasions. When classifying stainless steel wire ropes, people classify them according to their uses, which are mainly divided into moving ropes, static ropes, rope ropes and basket ropes.

1.Dynamic rope

    The moving wire rope is bent on the pulley and the reel. So the main stress is the bending stress followed by the tensile stress.

2. Static rope

    The stationary wire rope (cable) is subjected to tensile forces, so it is mainly subjected to static and varying tensile stresses. The ropeway rope acts as a guide for the carriage or other load guide pulleys in aerial ropeways and ropeway cranes.

3. Cableway wire rope

    In contrast to the moving wire rope, the rope rope does not bend according to the curvature of the guide wheel. When subjected to the force of the guide wheel, the wire rope produces a so-called free bending radius. This radius increases as the tension of the wire rope increases (the bending stress decreases) and decreases as the force of the guide wheel increases.

4. Basket rope

    The gondola wire rope is used to carry a variety of items. These slings are subjected to tensile forces, but the bending stress is first encountered when the gondola wire is bent at the sharp edges of the article, either large or small.