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Stainless steel wire rope is gradually becoming a security guard for campus and community

Oct 22, 2018

Stainless steel wire ropes rely on their own anti-corrosion, flexibility, beauty and other excellent characteristics, not only in the industry, but also in our lives, as a campus, living quarters, high-end residential security guards, not only to defend Safety, but also add a touch of bright color.

On the campus, the stainless steel wire rope around the community is safely defended, mainly for energizing the arranged stainless steel wire rope to play a role in safety protection. Generally used directly in the perimeter of the wall that needs to be guarded. If there is higher demand, it will increase the infrared alarm control at the same time to prevent the illegal elements from breaking into the illegal operation, and will not completely visually block and affect the viewing.

The reason why stainless steel wire rope protection is so popular is mainly due to its own characteristics:

1, eight resistant: wear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, ozone resistant, flex resistant, rust resistant.

2, flame retardant, tear-proof, long service life.

3, has high tensile strength, small elongation, and grooved. Anti-shock and other features.