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Stainless steel wire rope industries market demand changes

Jan 10, 2017

As a "Thirteen-Five" planning and implementation of the first year, nearly half a year has past. During this period of time, slowing in the domestic economy, transformation and upgrading of industries in their efforts to achieve, Su found that market demand for stainless steel wire rope of certain changes in the situation.

In the context of domestic economic slowdown, running of the demand of stainless steel wire ropes main industry growth also will slow, thus affecting the relative demand for stainless steel wire rope. Since 2013, such as the growth of investment in real estate development has been declining, housing new construction area, acquisition of land area reduced significantly reduced, entry "inventory" phase, decorative, decreased demand for stainless steel wire rope used in construction.

Meanwhile, Su found that environmental protection and high-strength stainless steel wire rope has been consumers ' attention, general performance requirements for stainless steel wire rope also improves. For example, some industrial field in the gradually need high strength, and high wear sex even is special performance of stainless steel silk rope, in ship industrial in the, ship built on development resistance corrosion, and ultra-low temperature, and high strength of stainless steel silk rope proposed needs; marine engineering equipment, and marine oil and gas field on special stainless steel silk rope of needs to be meet; in building industry, efficient, and energy-saving and environmental on building with stainless steel silk rope of strength, and utilization proposed more high requirements,