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Stainless steel wire rope along the five aspects of development upgrade

Jan 10, 2017

1. method of stainless steel wire rope, twisted wire rope in the same direction on fatigue resistance, support surfaces, soft, bending stresses, wear resistance are twisted steel wire ropes have greater advantages than interaction, therefore, should development of twisted wire rope in the same direction as much as possible.

2. core aspects that require corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, softness under the condition of high use (for example, marine shipping, marine fisheries, salt, etc), should examine the improved core materials, development of high oil content, water absorption is poor, soft texture, wear and corrosion resistant core material.

3. in terms of improved stainless steel wire rope lubrication should be research on new lubricating materials, developing good lubrication of wire rope.

4. in terms of enhanced corrosion protection of stainless steel wire rope, needs new coatings, coatings, applying the new plating, coating materials, such as aluminum, plastic, etc.

5. in order to save metal, reducing bulk and weight lifting equipment, development of medium and small size with high strength and high toughness of steel wire rope.