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Precision stainless steel belt process

Oct 24, 2019

The finishing of precision stainless steel belts mainly includes tension straightening and slitting. After the strip is annealed, in order to obtain good plate shape, machinability and deep drawability, it is usually passed through a tensioning unit, which is characterized in that the strip is plastically extended under the combined action of stretching and continuous alternating bending. Get corrections. The strip steel can eliminate defects such as medium waves, 1/4 waves, side waves, and longitudinal and transverse bends through the stretching and straightening process, but the brightness is reduced by 1%. After straightening and straightening, the straightness accuracy of the finished steel strip can reach 1% of the flatness of the incoming material. In order to cut and divide the wide-band steel into finished narrow strips, more slitting machines are used. Today's slitting machines have developed many new technologies, such as automatic adjustment of the insertion amount and axial clamping of the slitting cutters; 50% less replacement time than conventional methods; vacuum technology for safe transport, automatic shearing of strips and prevention of any damage to the surface of the strip.

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