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Loose stainless steel wire rope head can also cause accidents

Jan 02, 2019

Everyone may often hear a safety accident caused by broken wire and wear of stainless steel wire rope. In fact, one of the causes of the accident is easily overlooked, that is, the chuck of the stainless steel wire rope is loose.

Some time ago, a man was covered by a falling bell in the Guanzhong Memorial Hall in Linyi District, Zibo City. Fortunately, the officers and men of the Zibo fire detachment rescued them in time, and the men were not injured. It is understood that the clock weighs about 2250 kg (4,500 kg), is fixed by a wire rope, hung in a pavilion, about 1 meter high from the ground, copper. The bronze clock was installed in 2004 and there have never been such incidents before. The bronze bell fell not because the wire rope broke, but because the tourists repeatedly turned the big clock at that time, the chuck of the fixed wire rope was loosened, and the wire rope gradually loosened, and the accident finally occurred.

Although there were no casualties in this accident, it still caught the attention of the industry. Everyone began to look at every part of the stainless steel wire rope. I hope that customers can pay attention to every detail when using it. Don't ignore any aspect, so as to effectively reduce the accident. The probability of occurrence.