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ising cost of stainless steel wire rope is a major challenge for enterprises

Jan 10, 2017

The current strength of the factory used to prices to avoid cost increases risks, can have such a transformation of philosophy, after all, is one of the few, in the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, they produce lots of cheap products, the technical content was lower, also depend on low prices to win in the market, would like to raise prices to little hope of conversion costs.

Su Yang stainless steel wire rope believes that there are two main ways to transfer cost pressures. First is the transfer to the external, improving end-product prices, turned to the consumer cost pressures, it is not feasible for most manufacturing enterprises and, secondly, to transfer, relying on lower costs, management of human resources costs, adopting new technologies to realize internal digestion, it may also be a gamble. However, the transfer costs must be controlled in the context of enterprise can bear, after all, the business still needs to develop.

Cost price on enterprise is challenge more is opportunities, malignant competition of playing price war, industry Zhijian internecine has been is downstream some SMEs of idiomatic technique, in raw materials sharply price of background Xia, at playing price war enterprise of activities space increasingly less, by Jerry only maintained is short of a time, this on forced some enterprise production, exit on it unprofitable of industry, or go technology, and development new products of road, to products differences of competition instead of products of with quality of competition.