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How to extend the service life of 304 stainless steel strip?

Jun 27, 2019

1, correctly installed

When installing the 304 stainless steel belt, the conveyor output shaft must be parallel to the input shaft of the transmission box. The position of the conveyor on the frame can be adjusted to solve the problem. The position of the stainless steel belt should be perpendicular to the mesh belt pulley because steel The belt drive relies on its two sides to transmit power, and the correct installation can extend its service life.

2, reasonable replacement

When replacing the 304 stainless steel strip, it must be replaced in groups. Do not add or reduce the strip, and consider the specifications and model of the strip when replacing the strip.

3. Avoid harsh environmental factors

304 stainless steel strip should be avoided in the environment of oil-water pollution and sun exposure, otherwise it will affect the performance of the steel strip, and it will easily deteriorate and shorten the service life after a long time, so the 304 stainless steel strip should avoid sun exposure in a dry environment. In order to prevent deterioration of the steel strip.