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How to distinguish the authenticity of precision 201 stainless steel belt?

Sep 17, 2020

One of the main methods to judge the quality of 201 stainless steel strip is the content of chromium and nickel contained in it. This car is qualified if its content meets the requirements.

According to the non-magnetic and magnetic properties of stainless steel materials, they can be divided into two types, the former is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, the latter is magnetic, there is also a kind of material that is not magnetic. You are the material that contains relatively high manganese, so it can cause that not all precision 201 stainless steel belts are not magnetic.

There is no big basis to judge the quality of precision 201 stainless steel strip by looking at whether it has magnetism.Here are some methods to judge whether it is true or false:

1. Special measuring solution can be used for judgment. It is a special testing method for nasal tip, and accurate results can be given for stainless steel of different materials.

2. Using copper sulfate solution to judge, drop a few drops of copper sulfate solution on the surface of 201 stainless steel strip. If there is no change on the surface of the product after a period of time, it indicates that it is true.

The above are two commonly used methods for judging precision 201 stainless steel strip. These two methods are not only simple in detection, but also accurate in detection results.