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Green stainless steel wire rope construction market demand Chien Sheng

Jan 10, 2017

In recent years, State and local government green building, green green building concept is very respected, Su Yang believes that this concept will not only boost environmental protection demand for stainless steel wire rope, will also promote the development of green economy.

Green mesh products made with stainless steel wire rope construction and decorative areas are widely used, including roads, parking lots, around the square and large hotel partitions, stairs, handrails, etc. Its application and practice fully shows the excellent material properties of environmentally-friendly decorative stainless steel wire rope. Stainless steel wire mesh products are made of lightweight, high strength, good flexibility, high impact overall structure, high breaking force, strong and durable, handsome in appearance, long life and other advantages. Used Highway guardrail is a flexible barrier, not only beautiful, generous, functionality is superior to color steel tile manufacturing rigid barrier, can also protect against buffer all types of automotive collision, reduce the damage of the accident damage.

At this stage, use stainless steel wire rope is also expanding, increasing number of varieties, in 304, 316, 316L such as austenitic stainless steel in addition to China's urgent need to develop other austenitic and austenitic-tiesu shape new varieties of dual-phase stainless steel wire rope, to meet the needs of different areas.