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Five-point solution for low compliance rate in the steel industry

Dec 01, 2018

First, carry out innovation in the construction model. At present, there is a lack of mature sintering desulfurization technology and technology. It is hoped that the state will introduce policies, encourage the use of the “general contracting operation general contracting” model, and “investment project general contracting operation contracting” mode to undertake the operation of desulfurization and environmental protection measures, strengthen environmental responsibility and achieve specialization. Run to improve the desulfurization effect.

Second, standardize industry management, improve access thresholds, ensure the quality and quality of environmental protection facilities, promote the development and development of environmental protection enterprises, strengthen industry supervision, and strengthen the verification of environmental protection facilities emission reduction; The emission reductions of enterprises with a machine synchronization rate lower than 90% are not recognized, and financial penalties are imposed for the smuggling and shutting down of environmental protection facilities, and the criminal responsibility is seriously investigated. Enhance the importance attached by steel enterprises to environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction, and attach importance to the construction and operation of environmental protection facilities.

Third, it is necessary to establish an audit of the construction of environmental protection facilities. The environmental protection facilities of the approval system must be certified and audited by experts to eliminate backward processes and technologies. The qualifications and performance of environmental protection companies should be reviewed. For those who do not have qualifications and performance. Enterprises, will not approve. Avoid unqualified projects and unqualified environmental companies from the source.

Fourth, vigorously promote the experience of using by-products. Thoroughly solve the problem of sintering flue gas pollution, not only to achieve efficient desulfurization of flue gas, but also to solve the problem of effective use of by-products.

Fifth, policy measures should be put in place to increase government funding. For existing steel enterprises to carry out sintering technology transformation, local governments should give priority to energy conservation and emission reduction, and special funds for environmental protection; for enterprises that do not carry out technological transformation, do not give Special funds for energy conservation and emission reduction and special funds for environmental protection.

On the one hand, the implementation of the five major methods needs to tighten the implementation and supervision of the already issued policies and regulations. On the other hand, the production enterprises also need to adjust and update the equipment and strengthen the environmental protection planning in production. A two-pronged approach can achieve a good result.