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Design of stainless steel sheet metal parts

May 14, 2020

(1) Considering that the performance of stainless steel plates and ordinary steel plates are not the same. For example, welding performance, gas welding, electric welding or argon arc welding can be used for common steel plate welding, which is relatively common. The stainless steel plate is different, generally using special welding argon arc welding, the welding gap can not be too large, otherwise the deformation is large, the appearance is not beautiful. Therefore, ordinary traditional sheet metal design cannot meet the requirements, and the welding requirements of stainless steel plates are relatively fine.

(2) The design of stainless steel sheet metal is not simple splicing or patchwork. It is necessary to consider the beauty and precision of the products, and also to meet the sheet metal processing specifications, so each company will have a relatively unique design specification.

(3) The material cost pressure of stainless steel products is relatively large, the design should consider that the production cost can not be increased, and the production efficiency should be considered to offset the pressure brought by the cost. As far as possible, stainless steel sheet components should be considered as non-welding, less welding and non-polishing processes.