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430 Stainless Steel Sheet used in household appliances up to

Mar 06, 2018

Ferritic 430 Stainless Steel Sheet in the use of ferritic-based stainless steel plate. Chromium content of 11% to 30%, with body-centered cubic crystal structure. Such steel generally does not contain nickel, and sometimes also contains a small amount of Mo, Ti, Nb and other elements, such steel with large thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, good oxidation resistance, anti-stress corrosion and other characteristics, and more for the manufacture of atmospheric resistance , Water vapor, water and oxidizing acid corrosion parts. This type of steel is poor in plasticity, plasticity and corrosion resistance after welding significantly reduce the shortcomings, and thus its application. Furnace refining technology (AOD or VOD) application can make carbon, nitrogen and other space elements greatly reduced, so 430 stainless steel widely used. Used for interior decoration, heavy oil burner parts, appliances, 430 Stainless Steel Sheet used in the largest household appliances parts