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304 stainless steel strip exterior processing method

Mar 10, 2021

304 stainless steel belt in the anti-rust performance and high temperature resistance performance are very good, because of its appearance processing way is very many, the common appearance processing method on the market is applicable, the following is to introduce its common appearance processing methods.

1. Dry drawing

There are two main types of dry grinding wire drawing, namely filament and short wire. After dry grinding, 304 stainless steel belt has a strong decorative effect, which can meet the demand of stainless steel in general decoration. Especially after the frosting can form a very good effect, due to the low price of this kind of processing method, simple operation, the use of a wide range of surface, so many need filament and short wire of stainless steel are made of 304 steel.

2. Oil Mill drawing

After drawing through the oil mill, the 304 stainless steel belt can reflect the excellent decoration effect, especially in the panel of home appliances, elevators, etc., this process needs to be used. At present, some processing plants use hot-rolled 304 stainless steel strip for oily frosting, and there is also a cold rolling oil mill.

3. 8K processing

Through practice, it is found that 304 stainless steel strip is superior to 200 stainless steel strip in 8K processing. After the 2B cold rolling, and then 8K grinding, the surface of the product can show a mirror effect. At present, the 8K grinding process of nitric acid with iron oxide red is mostly used on the market. This process is low cost and is very popular.

4. The titanium

In many high-end decoration, we can also find 304 stainless steel figure, especially in titanium decoration, it can play a rich effect.